About us

About us

We started our activities to increase the value-added of creative art at the “Roshan Khaneh Mashq-e Honar” as a cultural and artistic institute, in 2017. Meanwhile, with the concern of honoring, reviving and marketing the original Iranian art at the national and international levels, we sought to create the scientific and practical infrastructure for the development of the Iranian unique art market.

In this regard, we have considered two main activities in our priorities, which are:

1. Holding art auctions

2. Providing services for evaluation, valuation and certificates for artworks

These two activities take place under the title of Rokhsat Auction House, and in this way, together with “Zahra Sheikh Art Group”, our intention is the growth of the art family, and for the promotion of art, we are proud of the accompany and participation of prominent and creative artists, collectors, gallery owners and experts, and by creating a constructive network of purposeful interactions in selecting works, evaluating, evaluating and communicating with audiences. Especially in art, we think about the development of the Iranian unique art market. Our target arts currently include a variety of Iranian paintings, metal volumes, pottery and wood, calligraphy and a variety of handmade cloth.