Selling Artwok

Rokhsat Auction House has made one of its basic activities marketing in primary and secondary types for the art market. Examples of primary markets are digital sales on websites and sales in national and international galleries, and examples of secondary markets are the sale of artworks at auction. To this end, “Rokhsat Auction House” has launched “Rokhsat Auction” as a secondary market and “Rokhsat Digital Store” as a primary market. It has also sold works in another part of the primary markets in cooperation with domestic and international galleries.

In this regard and in the first step, the evaluation of great and valuable artworks and the issuance of certificates in two categories of gold and silver is done. Gold certificates are issued for great artworks and silver certificates are issued for valuable artworks.

Artworks that receive a gold certificate will be auctioned off, and artworks that receive a silver certificate will go on sale in digital stores and national and international galleries.

Therefore, first of all, it is necessary for the owners of the artwork to send the information of their works in the “Certificate Issuance” section to the Rokhsat Auction House, so that after expertise and receiving the certificate, the work can be sold in the appropriate market.