25 – Khosrovan Art Group – House of the Beloved

Price realized: 19 Billion Rials (IRR)



75×56 cm (original size)




Inlaid leather panel (Sookht Tabeleau)

Year of creation

2014 – 2019

 Inlaid leather panel (Sookht Tabeleau)

More than 10 people participated in the creation of this exquisite work, which has no second version, and it uses more than 14 arts, including: Persian painting, calligraphy, illumination, Tasheer work, leather lattice, leather inlay, Persian painting, Tarsi’ee, carpentry, embossing, metal Lattice, traditional design, geometrical design, and Eslimie painting. This painting is a re-creation of the holy images of Imam Ali
and Hasnain by Abdolhosain Sani Homayoun, has been beautifully inlaid, painted, and colored by two capable masters. At the bottom of the entire margin of the painting, which is decorated with arabesque, Katai flowers and leaves, beautiful and enchanting geometrical design with Ashrafi gold, a picture of two Achaemenid soldiers can be seen standing in front of the Imams, Imam Ali, Imam Hassan and Imam Hossein. They have knelt on the ground and put their hand on the lips to respect, and thus show the acceptance of these great men by Iranian. Ornate illumination, small magical grids, Nastaliq calligraphy of praise of Imam Ali that is unveiled for the first time have added to the this painting. It should be noted that to complete the beauty of this painting, 36 pieces of Burmese ruby, eight pieces of green Gibson and one piece of large agate have been used. The designer, ideator, and production manager of this magnificent work is Hamid Farahmand Boroujeni, and the names of each of the masters who participated in the creation of this work are mentioned in the work’s identity card.