39 – Mohsen Soleimani – Joshan

Price realized: 3.1 Billion Rials (IRR)



100×200 cm




Siah-Mashq Thulth script using two pens and acrylic

Year of creation



Mohsen Soleimani was born in 1970 in Shahrekord and graduated in civil engineering. His effort, as a calligrapher of the Haft Qalami (seven Islamic script), is to revive the forgotten scripts by linking tradition and modernity. Soleimani has participated in numerous exhibitions and festivals in Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Indonesia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Iraq, Kuwait The artworks of this great artist adorn museums and private treasures in countries such as United Kingdom, Norway, Turkey, and Kuwait. Also, he has more than eight hundred pieces and inscriptions on the holy places of Islamic countries. He has created one of the largest calligraphic works of art in the urban dimension in Iran.