42 – Hossein Khoshneviszade – Lovers banquet

Price realized: 2.1 Billion Rials (IRR)



62×40 cm




Persian painting

Year of creation


Hossain Khoshneviszade a painter and the artist of leather scorching is one of the active artists and one of the revivers of the art of inlay leather scorching. His father Mirza Mohammad-Ali and his grandfather Mulla-Ali Asqar were both calligraphers. He started his work under the supervision of his father, and later directly and indirectly under the supervision of Mirza-Aqa Emami, Haj Musavir al-Molki, Hossain Behzad, and Ebrahim Bouzari to complete his knowledge and skills. Many of his works have been left in the form of paintings and scorching. The themes of his paintings are inspired from the ancient and prolific Persian literature, which along with his fantacy paintings have formed a personal style. His works have been admired by many politicians, including Kennedy, Truman, Queen Elizabeth of England, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Stalin, and General de Gaulle and King Hossein.