11 – Mohammadtaqi Zoufan – Zarb-e Zurkhaneh (drum)

  • Price realized: 14 Billion Rials  (IRR)


Height: 45, Top diameter: 38.5, Base diameter: 20 cm




Delicate embossing, shadow embossing and calligraphy on silver 995

Year of creation



Mohammadtaqi Zoufan was born in 1893 in Isfahan. After elementary education, he started embossing at the age of 12 and worked under the supervision of with Hassan-Ali Jandaqian until he became a master and with his amazing creativity and talent created valuable works on metal and became one of the top masters of calligraphy in Isfahan. One of the greatest masterpieces of him is the construction of the holy shrine of the Hazrat-e Reza which is kept in the museum of Astan Quds Razavi. He trained some students such as Abbas-Ali Eskandari, Mohammad Eskandari, Ahmad Dinari and his son Mehdi Zofan. He passed away in 1978 and was buried in Takht-e Foulad, south of Takyeh Feyz, in Isfahan.